My Mission 

To integrate science and engineering using project based science with latest technologies.

Goals for student learning:

  1. Use natural curiosity to develop conceptual knowledge.
  2. Set relevant, societal based challenges that motivate learning.
  3. Target the conceptual knowledge to the specified challenge or task.
  4. Transfer knowledge and skills across disciplines by understanding that in real life applications many areas of expertise are required .
  5. Apply digital technology and data logging for measuring and monitoring.
  6. Use easily constructed build technologies (LEGO etc) to motivate hands on based learning.
  7. Develop the use of computer programming as a tool for applying science and robotics projects.
  8. Develop independent and group based learning through open projects.
  9. Ask authentic, open questions that don’t have obvious answers from the start.
  10. Don’t assume there is limitations in learning but allow the individual to find their own approach and level of complexity.
Year 6 Model car topside
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